Scientific Program

Pedro Marronetti (Florida Atlantic University)

Title: Gravitational Signatures of Core-Collapse Supernova

Abstract: Core collapse supernovae are among the sources that will produce gravitational waves (GWs) detectable by GW observatories around the globe. In particular, the signal from a Galactic event will likely be well within Advanced LIGO's bandpass across a broad range of frequencies. Gravitational waves from supernovae will arise from a variety of phenomena given their multidimensional, multi-physics character. These phenomena include fluid instabilities in the proto-neutron star, neutrino-driven convection beneath the supernova shock wave, the standing accretion shock instability (SASI), deceleration at an aspherical shock, and aspherical neutrino emission. Obviously, two-, and ultimately three-, dimensional models will be required to capture the GW emission from such phenomena. Moreover, the explosion dynamics, and ultimately the computation of the GW emissions as well, will require sufficient realism in the treatment of core collapse supernova multi-physics. In this talk, I will review the state of the field as well as present the latest results obtained by our collaboration using the CHIMERA code.