Useful Information

This section was built from the questions directed to the LOC by the participants:

The current time difference between Sao Paulo and continental Europe
is currently only 3 hours, because of the Brazilian daylight saving time.

If you are only coming to the state of Sao Paulo, you don't need to take
any special vaccines (we are not in the middle of the Amazon here!).

That doesn't mean that you should not be careful with the mosquitoes.
Please make sure to bring with you, or to buy here, a good insect repellent.
Many people are allergic to mosquito bites and, unfortunately, there are
plenty of them at the beach.

This should go without saying, but: always protect yourself from the sun,
even if it is cloudy! OK, there is no need to worry about it if it rains...

You are bringing your laptop, and you want to know what kind of adaptor
you will need. At the hotel you will find the power outlets for 2 types of
plugs: the usual plug with two round pins and the new standard plug
with three round pins. And electricity (at the coast) is 220V, while in Sao
Paulo (city) it is usually 110V.