Multimessenger Emissions from
Sources of Gravitational Waves

November 29th-December 3rd 2010

Sao Sebastiao, Brazil

The workshop Multimessenger Emissions from Sources of Gravitational Waves
will take place from November 29th to December 3rd 2010, and it will be held
at the Maresias Beach Hotel in Sao Sebastiao, Brazil.

The objective of this 5-day workshop is to discuss the state of the art of different
aspects of gravitational wave emission, including EM counterparts, supernovae
and neutrino emission, different astrophysical sources, numerical simulations,
analytical methods and data analysis.

The workshop is partly motivated by the 2010-2011 German-Brazilian Year of
Science, Technology and Innovation. Both countries have an active interest in
the study of GWs, both in the theoretical and observational aspects, and are
currently developing gravitational wave detectors: the Mario Schenberg detector
in Brazil, and the GEO600 in Germany.

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