Brazilian Meeting on Loops and Nonassociative Systems

October 30 - 31, 2017

Universidade Federal do ABC, Santo André, Brazil



The Brazilian Meeting on Loops and Nonassociative Systems will be held at the Universidade Federal do ABC, in Santo André-SP, October 30-31, 2017. The Conference aims at bringing together researchers from Brazil and abroad to discuss recent developments and contributions to the area of nonassociative Algebra.

Programmed activities includes: Reputed international and national speakers, mini-courses, poster presentations, prizes for best poster presentation and social activities. All registered participates will be granted a certificate.

The Theory of Loops originated in the pioneering works of Ruth Moufang in the thirties, about the introduction of coordinate systems in projective geometries, from alternative division algebras.

It is an area of research which resulted from the integration of knowledge and techniques from algebra, geometry, topology and combinatorics. In rings (not necessarily associative) with unit, where the notion of inverse is well-defined, a subset closed with respect to products and taking inverses, have a loop structure. In the last few decades the Theory of Loops has become a very active area of research in Mathematics.



Scientific Committee

  • Alexandre Grishkov (Universidade de São Paulo)
  • Andrew Rajah (Universiti Sains Malaysia)
  • Kenneth Johnson (Pennsylvania State University)


Organizing Committee

  • Maria de Lourdes Merlini Giuliani (Universidade Federal do ABC) - Chair of the Organizing Committee
  • Dylene Agda Souza de Barros (Universidade Federal de Uberlândia)
  • Giliard Souza dos Anjos (Universidade de São Paulo)
  • Juliana Pimentel (Universidade Federal do ABC)
  • Zhanna G. Kuznetsova (Universidade Federal do ABC)